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CrossTie Careers in affiliation with Moovin4ward, USA is an arm of the company that helps raise people’s aspirations and bridges the gap between education and living a meaningful life.

We provide a structured programme for our clients such as career talk or motivational lectures, workshops, movies, books, contest, connections, support and many more to all levels of education. These will assist them to discover their comfort zone, develop the interest, plan their career path, and acquire the soft skills they need  to perform effectively in the wider world. This highly successful programme, running for over four years, is designed to position people on the right track to be successful and live a meaningful life.

We work with secondary schools, tertiary institutions, graduates, corporate organizations, private and public sectors in Africa. Since we began in 2009, thousands of people have been able to discover their right path through the programme. And it’s not just the participants who benefit. Employers and School Stakeholders report that engaging with CrossTie Careers enhances students/staff development and demonstrates their corporate values.

Africa needs people of ingenuity and skills across all disciplines and we hope to achieve this through our network.

Our Slogan

…living a meaningful life

Mission Statements 

  • To instill into students the benefits of acquiring soft assets (knowledge, skills, connections, etc.) before hard assets (cash in the bank, luxuries, etc.)
  • To bring to individuals happiness, self fulfillment and self satisfaction.

Vision Statement

  • To become a celebrated company in Africa for its achievements of helping over one million people yearly to live a meaningful life.

CrossTie Career Services


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